i just realized that i probably made a super weird face at chris (like above) since i’m honestly always distorting my face in bizarre and scary ways when i talk to people in a non-professional environment fml

the flurry of excitement and insanity was not captured well but whatever other people took pictures heh alwekjdsfl;ajs living proof that it happened oh god *collapses*

  1. ohhhmagic said: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdl-fgldfhygl-bhmeep
  2. thatmcbastard said: i saw a group pic of people in the chris colfer tag and there was a girl in a bright bright yellow dress and i was like I BET THAT’S JOY but i didn’t say anything because i felt like a creepy stalker but I WAS RIGHT
  3. imawhat said: bdjksgadkfh,agsd.hklahdes eeeeeeeee
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