cup, dopey, fear, hp, money, naughty, picture… ok i’m basically picking the same ones i sent to jenn oops, oh hey, speaking of— oops, i must have read over that question last time, picture, rapunzel, teacher, xylophone

Cup I drink both, but I prefer coffee. I’m a coffee person and without my daily dose of it I’m basically useless. Tea is more a comfort drink for me, when I’m cuddled up on the sofa watching a movie, when I’m cold, when I’m reading a good book, or when I’m sick.

Dopey Ugh, I hate telling embarrassing storys…I still cringe even when it was decades ago. Hmm, let’s see. back in uni I had a very boring lesson and I had my laptop with me so I did hell knows what on it instead of listening to the lecture/take notes. my professor wasn’t really keen on us using the computer during lectures but it wasn’t forbidden, so whatever, but he told us explicitly to turn of the sound. What did I not do?…turn of the sound :/ and when my laptop battery is low it makes this really loud beeing sound and it took me completely by surprise (I might or might not have been deeply engaged in reading fic) so my mind went on panic mode and instead of apologizing like a sane person would I blurted out “It wasn’t me!” and everyone was looking at me like I’m mental (they might not have been that far off tbh) Yeah…. *sinks through a hole in the ground right through to China*

Fear grave illness, being forced in social situations (damn it I’m an introvert, do you WANT me to get a panic attack?!), failing life (whatever that means, I have a constant fear in failing in everything) and RL people hating me (for whatever fucked up reason my mind decides to spit out for me)

Harry Potter 
Children of the Lamp: Day of the Dschinn Warriors by P.B. Kerr
(hee fun children books are the best, don’t tell anyone I’m an adult, they might not believe you!)

Money Buy my parents a house and make sure they are debt-free, maybe buy a flat for myself with a GIANT library with a open gallary. Safe the rest and do reasonable stuff with it (like spending it on books or sth).

 Naughty I’m in the happy position that my parents on the whole don’t really disapprove of my choices. I suppose my mom would have preferred if I’d studied a business/law/science subject instead of literature and media for obvious reasons but she knew damn well that I’d have thrown myself off a building (figuratively speaking) if I forced myself to study sth like it. Well, I considered molecular biology because it fascinates me and always had but I guess my mom was more thinking in “business economics/pharmacy/legal administartion ways”. my dad told her to “do you really think that your daughter would be happy with that” and she answered “no”. So that was settled. They wouldn’t be too happy if I get a tattoo but understand that I can do with my body whatever I want to (mostly) so that’s no issue either. What caused more trouble in the female part of my family (mom/aunt/grandma) was my general lack of ambition to get married or have children, because they are brought up differently and really don’t understand how a woman doesn’t want to have babies. They still think that I’ll “grow out of it” though they don’t voice their opinion anymore until exploded once and told them to shut their “prejudiced, sexist and misogynistic pieholes” and that “woman are more than housewives and birthing machines and that I’m very sorry for them that their lives were so boring that this was the only thing that could fulfill it” (quote/unquote). I know that it was unjust and mean but they deserved that. No regrets.

Picture ERROR - no picture found that fits that criteria; I could offer this though:


Ooops What an unpecific question…like in the world or about me or in general? About the world/politic/human right issues: Instant LGBT eaqulity would be freaking awesome, as well as equal and affordable education, stop wasting of food (still haven’t posted that enraged post about it in my draft folder…sigh) and the pollution of your lovely planet. About me? My damn social anxiety, it is not that bad that I get constant panic attacks but believe it or not in middle school I was freaking terrified to have to read my essays infront of the class, I’d rush throught it nd get short of breath etc. and get dizzy etc. etc. it got a LOT better after I turned 15 or so but I till don’t feel comfortable around strangers/in huge crowds that I ahve to please [peformances with the choir, presentations at work etc.] and approaching strangers about ANYTHING (returning items in stores was a horror for some time). Yeah being a more relaxed “people person” would be very cool rn. So people inf andom I met and actuially talked spent time with a)I’m sorry if I was awkward, I tried very much. It#s not you, it’s me…you were all very lovely.

 Rapunzel Only 3?! RUDE! I adore all of them! Hmm, okay:

  • The Sword in the Stone
  • Robin Hood
  • AladdinBeautyAndTheBeastTheLittleMermaidHerculesTheEmperor’sNewGroove

*poker face* wat?!

Teacher A good, happy person. Maybe a novelist but I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to do that…(I’ve published a short story in an anthology but that was a university project and totally doesn’t count!!!it’s crap too :/ compared to the others in it!)…it’s terribly intimidating and ugh…so many personal issues with that I don’t even know how to explain. “I just want to make art and help people.”

xylophone guitar, piano (badly), flute (technically, haven’t touched it for quite some years and don’t have the urge to) and my vocal chords.