ohhhmagic asked: Hmmmm, I guess there'll be overlaps, but whatever: Blue, English, Fear, Love, Injury, Kiss, Unite.

no overlaps! yay! :D

Blue: What song do you listen to when you’re feeling down?

um… is it bad that i can’t really remember the last time i was really feeling down? my name is joy and it’s not ironic at all wheeeeee

i usually listen to music that relates to what i’m sad about, if that makes sense? oh! i know! “summer in the city” by regina spektor is usually a great catch-all. it’s good if i miss someone or miss the city. that’s the bulk of my blues, heh

English: How many languages can you speak?

mostly just english, actually! disappointing, i know. i know a bit to a lot of tagalog, depending on what you’re asking. (i can speak a bit, but understand a lot. it’s a fascinating thing, childhood language acquisition!) i talk an awful lot in spanish; i can still probably speak it with a moderate level of comfort. um, a bit of dutch. nothing too exciting, sadly! i pick language up fairly quickly once i get started, but it’s not really one of my great loves, unfortunately. i love the idea of studying language in terms of anthropological/linguistic research, but that’s it.

Fear: Tell us three fears.

hmmm! i’m pretty freaked out by bees and spiders, but i’ll lump them as one fear. i have an intensely crippling fear of failure— i guess that’s probably obvious. i also hate scary movies because they usually really scare me, even if they’re really bad!

Love: Do you believe in marriage?

um. i personally don’t feel comfortable participating in the institution of marriage until it is legal for everyone in my state, preferably country. i don’t even know if i’d be able to marry my life partner since i don’t know who they are yet. i like the idea of commitment ceremonies, though :D but i’m also unusually privileged in so many ways. i’m not only lucky that i might be able to marry, but that it’s my choice whether or not i want to.

i mostly have intense commitment issues. plus, i still haven’t even decided about how i feel about monogamy lol too much to figure out yet!!!!!!!

Injury: Have you ever walked into a glass door?

YES OH MY GOD WAL;KEDS my family made our sunroom after our house was built, so the door leading into it is still a sliding patio door, right??? i was texting someone as i was walking, so i looked up briefly to see if the door was open (as it often is during the summer). i guess i wasn’t paying as much attention as i thought and i think we all know where this is going lol

texting and walking is dangerous!!!!!!!!!

Kiss: Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

lol it’s darren right now of course sigh that bastard!!!!!!!!!! but our personalities are way, way, way too similar— we’d probably kill each other in a day. i’m just enchanted by our similarities, tbh

Unite: Do you sponsor a cause?

ooh, like, a specific organization? i don’t regularly donate to any specific cause, which probably makes me a terrible person. i’m kind of poor, though. i greatly prefer giving my time than my money, though— i get more out of it that way, but that’s obviously just me

um, i have tab for a cause installed! it opens up with every other new tab for me (i liked to see my google chrome homepage, or else it would be every tab). i like charity search engines like searchkindly, too! they’re small things, but every small thing helps! plus, i spend so much time online heh

um, i’ve worked with a lot of organizations in the past, including relay for life, amnesty international, local LGBTQ* centers, local environmental groups, etc. oh, and feminist things, too, but that’s a longer tl;dr list lol. i’m hoping to get involved with sexual assault education and awareness on campus, and there’s a nonprofit located downtown which focuses on teen sexual health that i REALLY want to get involved in but they don’t need volunteers so gah i’m disappointed. i’d love to eventually volunteer for an animal shelter and soup kitchen, too :)

when i have money, i promise i’ll start sponsoring causes lol /o\